The supremacy of the law is the foundation on which democracy is built. It is the heart of a free society and the basis for peaceful coexistence. This holds particularly true in Kenya. To manage the conflicting interests of diverse subcultures, all citizens, regardless of their political, economic, and ethno-cultural affiliation, must be subject to the law.

The government has engaged in activities that have undermined the country’s democratic institutions, including continued claims that the judiciary is biased, poor leadership, abuse of public office and acts of impunity. The law has potential to keep Kenyan society from descending into crippling anarchy. The morass of violence experienced in the 2007, 2012 and 2017 post-election violence, from which the country may take long to recover should be avoided. It is critical that Kenya’s civil servants and political elites lead by example and not place themselves above the law.

UGM will work towards ensuring Kenya’s political system is built on a separation of powers with constitutional checks and balances. These include a robust civil society, electoral justice and inclusive independent institutions. Governance will be based on justice, fairness, respect for the rights of others, and a general belief that all Kenyans, regardless of their position in life.

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