Establishment of the UGM Party University & Technical Institutions Students Caucuses

Today, the United Green Movement (UGM) Party convened Presidents and Vice Presidents from 20 universities nationwide at our esteemed headquarters, the Green Action House. The party Co-leader, Hon. Neto Agostinho, alongside Homabay County Coordinator, Hon. Easter Ogweno, took the student leaders through our 5-point manifesto: Youth Unemployment, Environment, Economy, Rule of Law, and Social Justice and Equality.

Central to the discussions was the pressing issue of youth unemployment, exacerbated by a glaring skills mismatch prevalent in our nation. As a country, we must leverage our comparative advantage, and it’s evident that agriculture, contributing over 33% of our GDP, stands as a cornerstone of our economy. Yet, our education system often channels our youth solely towards conventional white-collar jobs, disregarding the vast potential within agricultural development. The UGM Party pledges a paradigm shift towards nurturing agricultural skills to catalyze job creation and foster economic growth. It’s imperative that our education curricula evolve to align with the nation’s needs.

The dialogue with university presidents also underscored governance challenges plaguing our nation, with insightful proposals for sustainable solutions. Rooted in eco-centrism, the UGM Party champions environmental planning as a linchpin in resolving myriad societal issues. Consider the devastating floods ravaging 26 counties, displacing families and claiming lives—a catastrophe exacerbated by encroachment on riparian lands, reckless infrastructure development, and rampant pollution. Embracing personal and global responsibility, akin to the green ethos, is paramount in safeguarding our environment for future generations.

At the heart of our manifesto lies a commitment to fostering meaningful youth engagement in our nation’s political landscape. Hence, the establishment of the University and Technical Institution Student Caucuses, a platform to amplify the voices of tomorrow’s leaders, ensuring their perspectives shape our collective future.

The leadership of the United Green Movement Party remains resolute in our dedication to effecting positive change, guided by principles of sustainability, equity, and inclusivity. Together, let us forge a path towards a greener, more prosperous future for all.

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